Thanksgiving Preparations

Yaaay! It's officially the holiday season with Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas shortly after that!
I'm putting a link to my first podcast about how to make your Thanksgiving a little healthier - don't worry, I don't tell you to only eat salad and skip out on all the pies. That would be basically impossible anyways. But! I am also going to give you a few links to some recipes that look really good and way healthier their original alternatives. I made sure they weren't too difficult either - a majority have less than 10 ingredients, if not less.
I'm hoping to try a few and see how they go. I hope you do, too! Good luck!

Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes:

Pumpkin Pie:

Apple Pie:

Sweet Potatoes:

Mashed Potatoes: (Nix the bacon, sub the sour cream for plain Greek yogurt, use almond milk instead of regular milk)


More tips for a healthier Thanksgiving:

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