Hi! I'm Carney Ziegler, a college student 

from Kansas who loves to cook, bake and 

eat! A thought that frequently pops into my 

head is, "Why do unhealthy foods have to be 

so delicious, and the healthy foods so . . . 

not?" I know you've asked yourself that 

question,  too. Well, my goal is to change that! 

I try my best to make healthy substitutions in 

most of my recipes - meals, snacks, desserts, 

everything. I hope you enjoy trying them out! 

Get in on the fun and subscribe to my posts. 

Also, feel free to comment, leaving me questions or suggestions if you have them.

Eat up!

Another one of my hobbies is photography, so if you think you would like to see some of

my photos, visit my website at carneyzieglerphotography.weebly.com.

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