Post #2 Healthy Baking Substitutions

My first real post is (unfortunately) not a recipe. Instead, I am posting a chart displaying some of my favorite baking substitutions! Applesauce for sugar, almond butter for peanut butter, all that fun (and lower calorie) stuff. I have used many of these replacements in recipes before, and I think they are great for baking.

However, if you aren’t used to using many of these substitutions in your baking, don’t go crazy right off the bat! It will probably be a disappointment, and you will never try to make a healthier batch of cookies ever again. And we all know that’s exactly what we need to be doing…

Also, if a dessert recipe calls for (for example) butter AND sugar, (which, sadly, they almost all do!) do NOT replace both the butter and sugar with applesauce, or both with bananas. You could, if you really wanted, especially if you like extremely chewy and tough textures.

But, my goal isn’t to make a healthy pizza crust that tastes like cardboard. My goal is to make healthy substitutions to my recipes to create lower-calorie and more nutritional desserts or meals that still TASTE good.

Leave me comments or suggestions if you want to get in on the fun! I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me, with minimal scratched batches of cookies or burnt casseroles. (I’m just trying to be optimistic here..) J

Healthier Baking Substitutions

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